Why renewable energy is good

Why renewable energy is good news

Why renewable energy is good news for emerging markets

Demand for ‘green metals’ to build renewable energy systems is shining a new light on investment opportunities in developing countries.

If you have been following the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), you may have noticed growing investor interest in companies specialising in extraction of so-called ‘green metals’. These are metals such as nickel, lithium, copper, manganese and cobalt which all play a key role in the manufacture of renewable energy systems.

As countries move rapidly to decarbonise their economies, demand for these green metals is expected to grow strongly. 

Australia is blessed with large deposits of these in-demand metals – hence investor interest in the ASX. 

For those of you interested in understanding why renewable energy is good news, we have summarised the following key points:
  • What is an emerging market?
  • Which countries have green metals?
  • What role can emerging markets play in an investment portfolio?

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