Investment Advice

You might be starting out with investing or be a seasoned market player, however it is always wise to get advice from time to time on what you are considering. FPW Financial Advice guides you through what alternatives exist and how they could be incorporated into your current planning or decisions that need to be made. 

We help you understand the options that are available and try to simplify the language to everyday terminology. Not always easy but possible in most cases. 

Superannuation Advice

We help with strategies to optimise your savings using superannuation rules to boost your retirement savings across your working life. 

These might include: 

  • salary sacrifice
  • spouse contributions 
  • superannuation splitting 
  • making additional contributions (either tax deductible or not) 
  • optimising annual and lifetime limits
  • converting into regular income streams 
  • balancing super between couples lowering end tax position for beneficiaries 
  • dealing with insurance within super 
  • payouts and redundancies 
  • changing jobs
  • running your own fund 

Insurance Advice

FPW Financial Advice can help to determine what and how much insurance is wise for protecting you and/or you and your family. 

We look at: 

  • what type of cover is required? 
  • if you can obtain cover 
  • will there be any loading or exclusions for prior health issues? 
  • should you hold cover inside or outside of superannuation 
  • which insurance company you should use and why 
  • what, if any, additional benefits can flow from owning insurance cover 

Pre-Retirement Advice

Pre-retirement advice is generally about optimising your superannuation and non-super savings in the lead up to you ceasing work altogether or going to part-time work before ceasing work in the future.  

We can assist you with how to use a variety of strategies to optimise your contributions, create a better balance in savings between couples and dealing with lifetime limits for income streams. 

Post-Retirement & Centrelink

Once a person retires, we can assist with application for Centrelink benefits like Age pension or Disability Pension, health care cards, etc. We can also help manage any remaining superannuation and pension accounts to optimise the returns consistent with your agreed risk tolerance levels. 

We can have discussions around any other benefits or strategies to improve lifestyle and comfort. Discussions around the benefits of wills and powers of attorney can lead to referral to an estate expert for drafting new wills and poa’s.

Aged Care Residential Advice

Often the first time that people consider Aged Care (or even lifestyle villages) is when they or their parent needs to enter such accommodation due to poor health or a fall at home leading to an inability to care for themselves any longer.      

We can help consider the options and alternatives in terms of fees so that you have a clear plan on how to fund such a move if it were necessary. It does not always mean you have to sell the family home. 

Rules and fees change regularly and getting your thoughts and wishes known to family is also a great idea. Advice in this field is generally time well spent to give you certainty in your plans.   

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