How to stay cyber safe

How to stay cyber safe

How to stay cyber safe

Cyber Security is at the forefront of most Australian minds these days as more and more we hear of people having their records compromised or falling victim to cyber scams. So how do you stay cyber safe?

Cyber criminals and fraudsters are constantly finding new and creative ways to scam us. Here are some of the most common cyber scams:

  • An investment offer too good to be true
  • Strange emails and text messages
  • Mystery phone calls

Surprisingly there are straightforward ways to protect yourself against the above scams and staying cyber safe. Mainly, if an email or a text message has misspellings, poor grammar or language issues, be suspicious. Another red flag is when the sender’s email address does not seem right.

Most importantly, don’t click any links in emails and text messages if you feel what you are receiving is suspicious.

Click here to read more about some top tips that you can implement in your day to day life so that you remain cyber safe.

Jeopardising your cyber safety can cost you more than money. It can also unsettle your peace of mind. Speak to us if something doesn’t seem right so we can discuss the best course of action with you.

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