What do rising geopolitical tensions mean for investment markets?

Geopolitical tensions for investment markets

What do rising geopolitical tensions mean for investment markets?

As conflicts between nations flare into open armed warfare and elections around the world become more contentious, there’s plenty to spike investor concern. We look at how wars and political tensions influence investment markets over the long term and examine the implications for your retirement savings.

With more than half of the world’s population heading to the polls in 2024 and with many of these elections contentious it is natural for us to be concerned for those people directly affected by these tensions as well as the security of the world at large.

With all of that in mind, we thought it important to cover and explain the following key points:

  • What does history tell us about the impact of geopolitical tensions?
  • How to defend your retirement savings against a world in turmoil.
    • Diversification
    • Take a medium to long-term view
    • Professional investment management
    • Staggered deposits and withdrawals.

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If you have any concerns about geopolitical risks to your investment portfolio, speak to us. We can advise you on whether any adjustments to your portfolio are warranted, taking into account your financial goals.

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